Tile Tattoos

Tile is commonly used in many second and third-world countries, but most designs don’t exactly scream “neutral” (or blend with the beautiful Fiesta Ware you’ve been lovingly collecting).

Luckily, our kitchen is newly renovated and with none of the gaudy details that are common in this country (thank you thank you housing board gods!!). But, it’s kind of boring.

Our master bathroom is almost  perfectly lovely, which I think is why one thing bothers me so much: a tacky silver flower pattern in the middle of the classic black and white tile theme.

Enter 2Jane! I just ordered some “tile tattoos”, one style for spicing up the kitchen and another opaque black set to cover up the flowers in the bathroom. I’ve never used this product before, so I’ll post an update once they are up. But the price is right for an experiment!

Kitchen tiles before: Can’t wait to add some mid-century modern character (and yes, I did pack my KitchenAid in UAB. It’s been doing just fine with the transformer, thank you.)



Bathroom tiles before: It looks like my toddler drew flowers around the entire center of the bathroom. Except for the hologram effect. I ordered some opaque black custom-sized tiles to cover these.


Here’s a video from their site that boasts how simple installation is… We’ll see Jane. We’ll see.

(click here to watch the video on Youtube if your browser doesn’t display it above)

October 14, 2014