Summer Reading

Through all the changes in life, I have carried my original hobby, my endless source of inspiration and wanderlust and knowledge: reading!  Summer reading is a thing for me.

Picture Perfect

Have you seen these?! A fellow DS-spouse friend (who will be departing for her first post soon!) brought indie mats to my attention, and I’m so in love.

Think Outside the (Mail) Box

Moving 5 times in 10 years will make anyone – even a graphic designer like me – want to cut down on mail. Not only is forwarding a pain, but there are so many random things like magazines that still don’t seem to end up where they’re supposed to.


“Think, Travel, Celebrate, Charm, Decorate, Dress, Live – colorfully.” Kate Spade Style, by Kate Spade. One of the few books I insisted on bringing along (most went into storage for this post). Sitting out on a side table in my studio, its presence alone makes the Drexel armchair feel chic. Whenever I browse the pages I […]