Modern Man Cave

When we lived in Virginia, M made several comments about having a “man cave”. Our home was tiny, and it’s not like I was buying floral tablecloths, but he did have a point. I kind of felt bad about it. This time around, I’m making a conscious effort to incorporate masculine elements and more of his likes into our main spaces. Here’s my favorite so far:

Billy“Billy the Bison” in white, Large size, $55 by Cardboard Safari.  M has wanted one of these for YEARS. 


It shipped fast via pouch directly from the manufacturer (and as you can imagine with cardboard was very light). However, many of their classic products are available on Amazon such as their “Bucky”  (classic deer with antlers), “Tex Jr.” (Texas Longhorn), and some more fun options like the “Unicorn Trophy” (in floral print) and “Pop Art Buck Jr.” a Lichtenstein inspired version.  With Prime I would have saved myself an extra $10, but I was new to the game back in August… I LOVE how “Billy” works agains the blue I painted, and it even looks good with all the living room Drexel.

Next, I incorporated a larger bar area with his bourbon and whiskey bottles (although I’m much more of a fish than he is… that Grey Goose bottle is all mine). This awful photo reminds me of how much I need to get a new camera: Is it just me or does the iPhone camera seriously degrade after the first year?


I also found those awesome minimalist Wes Anderson movie posters on Etsy for behind the bar (still waiting on delivery of the fourth poster which we decided on after the fact). We have both loved Anderson films since college.


Last, I caved and bought him a Blu-Ray player for his birthday. I’m a fan of digital collections, but M likes to own Criterion Collection DVDs of his favorite films and has been wanting to watch them “at their best” for awhile now. I am BY NO MEANS a technology expert, but this is the player I ordered (via Prime of course) and everybody seems happy with it. I picked it because the curved corner fits with our apple tv player :).BLuRay

In the end helping M feel more happy and comfortable at home is great, and most of the changes have been a nice reminder of how much we still DO have in common. How do you incorporate your spouse’s likes and dislikes into your home design? Or do you advocate the separate man cave? I’m curious!