Great Lengths


There has been a flurry of creative activity since our HHE arrived two weeks ago. I’m in HEAVEN! I know this is supposed to be a lot of work, but getting to reorganize and redecorate my entire living space every two years is really fun for me.

Once most of our things were cleaned and put away, I began to work on the good stuff – starting with curtains!  Our home here in Baku has tall windows, and I was pleased to see that they hung the drapery tracks just below the molding on the wall above.  I thought I had come prepared with 8 sets of Ikea Ritva curtains: I love Ritva because they are affordable, yet have a luxe look. But even at their full 118″ they were 12″ too short!  So, I used my new sewing machine and sewed extensions on the bottoms. Seizing the opportunity, I chose a pattern that brought the yellow Drexel couch color into the room, “Bordeaux” by Premier Prints in Saffron Yellow ($9.98/yd).

I also made some custom curtains for my new studio this week. Remembering the design mantra “the solution lies within the problem”, I found the awesomeness that is mint paired with chartreuse and lemon yellow (with a little help from Pinterest, of course).  I went with “Premier Prints Shakes Slub” in Artists green ($10.98/yd) from, and am loving the results.

My newly purchased sewing machine has seen more action than my iMac usually does in a month! I am obviously a total amateur, but overall was  happy with the final results. What do you think?


Ritva with extensions in our living room


Color Pairing: Slate blue (Pittsburgh Paint), Ikea Ritva in white, Drexel Kara loveseat in whatever-they-call-that-burlap-yellow.


Fabric detail


Custom curtains in my new studio – mint + chartreuse = fun! I left the edges raw to maximize width and because I love how the texture plays with the slub fabric and crisp print. I’ll be working in more yellow accents with things like picture frames and an ikea side table.