Drexel Hack #2


This Drexel hack comes from Megan B: a lovely new friend, fellow DS employee spouse, and founder of BalléNess. Megan is NOT a fan of traditional bookshelves, so she stacks them on their side for a more contemporary display. For this hack you just need some man-power (Megan had a hilarious time explaining what she wanted to the GSO office employees who spoke little English) and a swath of fabric to drape over them. The fabric hides the sides and unfinished bottoms, and prevents scratches on what will now be the top of your surface.

I styled the above pic with accessories from CB2 and Crate & Barrel. These sister companies ship inexpensively to over 90 countries, and I have not had any pouch problems.

Megan used a rustic burlap fabric, and displays photo frames and a few memories from their world travels. Great idea Megan!