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Checkout Checklist: Fall 2015

Hi guys! I just made myself a shop-ahead checklist: I don’t want to miss out on anything for the upcoming Fall/Winter season because it didn’t get here on time.  It occurred to me that I wish someone had shared something like this last year

Style-minded people sharing resources to thrive, not just survive, within the constraints of Foreign Service life.

Summer Reading

Through all the changes in life, I have carried my original hobby, my endless source of inspiration and wanderlust and knowledge: reading!  Summer reading is a thing for me.

Think Outside the (Mail) Box

Moving 5 times in 10 years will make anyone – even a graphic designer like me – want to cut down on mail. Not only is forwarding a pain, but there are so many random things like magazines that still don’t seem to end up where they’re supposed to.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

William Morris

Creativity is intelligence having fun.  Albert Einstein

Removable Kitchen “Backsplash”

An early Adaptation House enthusiast alerted me to this AWESOME removable vinyl idea. (EDIT: Her name is Amy Kennedy Penuel, and she writes the charming blog “The Crafty Foreign Service” where she posted about these herself).  These are made by Landee on Etsy (one of those bloggers with seemingly infinite ideas and time to execute them – […]

Happy Holidays!

This just sums it up.  Lemons, lemonade and all that.  Yes. (found this image on this Facebook page, inexplicably)

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”
Saul Bass

“Every day you have to reinvent yourself.”
Oscar de la Renta

Design Q & A

  This has been one of the most inspiring videos  since a graphic design professor first showed it to me in art school: I think it relates so well to how I feel about the design “constraints” of this lifestyle (hello, Drexel). “The needs of design can be ephemeral”. The transcript can be read on […]

Mme. L. Amic:
Is Design an expression of art?

Charles Eames:
I would rather say it’s an expression of purpose. It may, if it’s good enough, later be judged as art.