Ektorp Sans Ikea

Whenever someone goes looking to cover  the ubiquitous (and hideous) Drexel flat-top patterned couches, the Ektorp is mentioned. Ikea slipcovers are versatile, affordable, and quickly update the feel of a couch. But Ikea ships very few  products,

Tile Tattoos

Tile is commonly used in many second and third-world countries, but most designs don’t exactly scream “neutral” (or blend with the beautiful Fiesta Ware you’ve been lovingly collecting).

Drexel Hack #1

So I’ve been experimenting with different temporary ways to modify various pieces of the Drexel we have in our new place. The fastest and easiest so far has been this simple idea: swap out the brass knobs! I ordered these awesome replacements from Anthropologie, and a phillips screwdriver is the only tool you need (thank God M […]

DIY Delivery

Yesterday M came home with another pouch delivery – my first fabric.com order! I’m very happy with the quality of the fabric (that awesome chartreuse pattern,

Pouch-friendly area rug

Several years ago, M and I were moving into our very first apartment together. This was back in our Army days (we traded one traveling lifestyle for another, but at least I get to go with him now), and when our dog Rocky was still a puppy. I hunted for